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Frequently asked questions about our design process...

We understand that for some, the design process can feel pretty daunting at first. As our aim is to keep things as simple as possible, we thought we'd include some of the most frequently asked questions here:

How much do you charge?

Because all projects are individual, each one is costed on its own merits. After a brief discussion regarding your project and its objective, we will present you with some options. From there, we will produce a project proposal, which breaks down our process, our costs and the deliverables (the things that you'll receive at the end). You'll also receive a copy of our terms and conditions at the start of the first project.

How long will my project take?

Every project is unique, so we look at what resources are required in order that it is done correctly. We will give you an estimated lead-time for completion based on our experience. Should anything alter the original timescale we will communicate this to you. For bigger projects that could take more than a month, we'll send you a regular weekly update until completion.

How do you start a project?

In order to prescribe a solution, we need to understand the objective. First, we'll start by implementing our strategy process, in order to give an aligned direction to the creative stage. For new businesses (start-ups etc), it's a vital part of branding development. For an already established brand, we would look at the existing design work and work together to make sure it aligned with an overall business objective.

I’m a new company and not yet trading, will you create work for me?

If you're a brand new start-up company, we'd love to work with you. An important part of the process is that our customers' value design as a tangible business investment, as we tend to get the best out of a project if we all work closely together at the start. If you're further down the line from just having an idea, and already have a business plan, then we would love the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you. Start here

Can you help with my print?

Absolutely. In the digital age print has a tangibility and tactileness that is more prevalent than ever. We have a number of print partners that we collaborate with. They do great work and strive for perfection which means we can concentrate on good design. We can manage your print project from conception to completion and will advise on paper type, inks and any special print finishes that you may require along the way.

How do you invoice projects?

We invoice at the end of each calendar month. For first time clients we ask for 50% at the start of a project and 50% on completion. Our terms are 14 days. We prefer to be paid via electronic bank transfer and the details of our business account can be found at the bottom of each invoice we produce. We are VAT registered and are a UK limited company.

I’m not sure where to start, can you help?

Our philosophy is based on keeping things as simple as we can and facilitating the process for you. If you have an idea for a project but don't know where to take it or simply want to chat things over then we're always happy to talk.

Email or call us on 01271 814207 to get started.

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