How we create your brand: A rough guide.

September 10, 2021
Amy Parker / Creative
How we create your brand: A rough guide.

We talk. A lot. Well, Jamie does. I'm the listener. And the one who does the typing when we hold workshops. I'm the faster typer, and I'm pretty good at spelling. Jamie asks the better questions.

When we create a brand, it starts with a Zoom workshop. We ask lots of questions, starting with 'The Big Six' – we sometimes talk about these questions in our newsletters and on LinkedIn (if you're following us).

We like to think we make our clients feel comfortable enough to really sit back, relax into the workshop and think deeply about the key elements of their business. 'The Big Six' reveal great insights into where we can best help our clients.

Next we talk about how a client wants their brand to be perceived, and in reality, how it's really viewed at the moment. We start to untangle what the brand's mission really should be.

Then it's my personal favourite, the customer profiles. We build people! With words! We work out who needs this brand and how it solves their problems.

At the end we'll talk about where these customers will come into contact with the brand and then we draw up an actionable to-do list that puts the brand to work.

A week or so later, our clients can expect a roadmap, containing all the gold we've unearthed in the workshop, to land in their inboxes. The roadmap is (we've been told), digestible (not literally) and defines the strategy that will take the brand forward.

It's essential to us that a client is happy with their roadmap before we move onto the design stage. We never start designing until everyone is happy. Why would we? We believe that everyone should be on the same page as things progress. It's the roadmap that drives the creative process; we always refer back to it to keep things on track. 😄

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