Stand up and be counted.

August 26, 2021
Jamie Bridle / Founder
Stand up and be counted.

Here at The Great Field we stand by our belief that offering multiple products or services, in an attempt to appeal to the largest share of the market is a waste of time. In such a crowded world, trying to appeal to the masses makes a brand unremarkable and forgettable.

Think of commenting on the same social media thread as everyone else. There's just too much virtual noise and people won't hear you. Your comment will be lost amongst the thousands of others, and quickly.

In today's world, where standing up and being counted for what you truly believe in equals more than ever before; how is your brand going to be interpreted if you're offering all things to all people? Quite possibly, it'll seem insincere.

Specialising your brand's offering, narrowing it down can feel really, really scary. At The Great Field we ummed and aahed for the longest time. We have a large skillset, we have loads of experience in multiple fields, so why would we want to turn away potential clients and their money?

The world of design (our world), is very competitive. How could we make ourselves memorable, and also easy to find for the people looking for us? Just Googling one of the many disciples we did offer had us hidden way, way down, deep within the search results. By offering the same as every other agency, we were becoming more and more commoditised. It felt like were losing our personality. It was getting harder and harder to get clients, and things just didn't feel right.

We've always genuinely wanted to help people succeed with their branding. We had experience working with non-profits, charities, health groups, social care and to put it simply, businesses that placed people before profit. That's where, in our heart of hearts we wanted to work, and believed we could be of the most help. So we stood up and allowed ourselves to be counted.

Standing for something you truly believe in, and turning that into specialising; really focusing tightly on a single type of client and market, you get to know where your efforts need to be pointed towards, because your target is so small. Yes, there will be fewer people 'looking' for you, but they're exactly the right people, because they're actually looking for your specific service or product. When you have exactly what they need, why would they look elsewhere?

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