Why healthcare branding is important.

May 5, 2022
Jamie Bridle / Founder
Why healthcare branding is important.

The healthcare sector used to be a fairly simple affair. If you were ill, you’d go to a professional in your town. A lot of the time, there was only one option, and everyone knew who they were. You’d stand inline at the chemist, ask for whatever medication you needed and you’d be given what they sold, you didn’t get a choice. And as for the retailer, the consumables all came from the same warehouse, on a Tuesday in a truck, and then into their inventory. Gloves were gloves, aprons were aprons. They ticked a box and facilitated what they needed to stock their shelves.

Healthcare brands were required, not particularly desired.

Nowadays, the modern-day healthcare marketplace is fiercely competitive.
Customers have so many choices. Businesses have so many options.

So, how do we differentiate and deliver something more desirable?

We need to build a brand.

Just to back-up slightly here, for those who aren’t 100% clear, branding isn’t marketing, advertising, or even social media. Those are ways of communicating your brand outwardly. But to actually communicate your brand, you must create it. A brand has a personality, values, and a tone of speaking.

A brand is not your logo or your strap-line either, although both of these are elements of your overall brand. Then it's a case of communicating consistently with your ideal audiences.

Beyond your products or services, a brand is your company's reputation, your promise and your culture. It’s how it makes someone feel, how they remember you.

A strong brand should also be instantly recognisable, so it’s easier for consumers to choose you over your competitors and you can start to cultivate a more loyal customer base.

In essence good branding can:

Healthcare is a very risk averse industry, and it’s consumers are the same way.
Ask yourself, in the eyes of your customers, are you the least risky option in a myriad of overwhelming choices?

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