Why we deleted our Facebook page.

November 1, 2018
Amy Parker / Creative
Why we deleted our Facebook page.

Back in the Summer, we took what we felt was a brave stance and we deleted our company page on Facebook. The decision was based on the reality that our kind of customer doesn't want to hear from us via the platform, and we were getting tired of adding to all the clutter. It was starting to feel like being in a room full of people shouting. And our ears were beginning to hurt. A lot.

Business relationships that Facebook and certain other social media platforms promised to deliver seem to be swinging towards boosted posts and paid advertising to get an audience to listen. Over time, we seem to have been forced back into outbound advertising, the very thing that social media was not supposed to be. The Cambridge English Dictionary cites;: "Social -  relating to activities in which you meet and spend time with other people and that happen during the time when you are not working".

We feel that Facebook should be a place where people go to catch up with Family and Friends. It feels awkward to barge into a conversation and attempt to build a professional business relationship when people want a respite from the pressures of work. Candy Crush anyone?

Certain business models, we believe can still benefit from utilising Facebook and attract the right audience, providing they do it well. But as most of our clients require our consultancy/creative services, our key audience is elsewhere.

Social media for business, as we see it, is about developing honest relationships with potential prospects. Turning them into customers and hopefully into advocates. It's not free advertising. The truth is, when you are a company that has something truly unique and valuable to say, people will always find a way to get in touch with you. It's down to us to use the correct media platforms built for business and then create content that is of value, rather than to simply pay for an audience that hasn't asked us to interrupt them in the first place.

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