Why we exclusively work with health and socially focused brands.

January 13, 2022
Jamie Bridle / Founder
Why we exclusively work with health and socially focused brands.

Since we set up the business in 2005, albeit under another name, we've worked with so many different brands and businesses. From making brochures for a Swedish furniture manufacturer (no, not that one), websites for audio technicians and dog grooming parlours, packaging for confectionary, labels for bottles, leaflets for theatres... the list goes on.

In reality, we we're all over the place, and we were not growing in the sense that our skills were improving. We were always passionate about our profession, always wanting to help the client, but not focused in any particular market.
We hadn't given ourselves the opportunity to focus on one market, and certainly didn't profess to work on strategies. Nope, most of the time we did what we were asked to do.
After a couple of unremarkable client experiences,  we sat down and evaluated what we wanted. The word that came back time and time again was 'help'. We wanted to be able to help our clients grow their businesses. We wanted to be the reliable experts within a niche rather than be a jack of all trades.

When I was thinking about niching down, one of the the first things we did was to go through a list of all our previous and current clients to check were we added the most value. 
Then, we turned the mirror around and asked ourselves, where do we find the biggest sense of achievement and purpose?. What type of clients do we enjoy working with the most?
Health and social care, charities, non-profits, care-guided businesses, simply put, lovely folk that see people before profit, or at the very least, organisations that see the person and not just a sale.

To quote Julian Richer from his book 'The Ethical Capitalist' "As I look around I am increasingly angered by what I see elsewhere: disreputable people running their companies in a way that involves taking as much as they can from society".

And we'd worked for greedy people in the past, the ones that never really valued what we did, the ones that almost always pushed back and took forever to pay their invoices. It had never felt rewarding working for these types of clients.

So, in our eighteenth year of business, it was time to address who we wanted to serve and why. And the rest is, hopefully history. :)

Oddly enough, most if not all of our core clients were in these markets already: we were working with companies manufacturing medical equipment, health based consumables, paediatric posture aids, mental health organisations, arts based community groups, care homes and social care groups, non-profits and purposeful organisations.

All of these clients, whether they need to sell something or communicate a cause, all need a solid brand strategy and consistent brand design that speaks to their core customers. We help provide that, within an inclusive and un-pretentious framework.

I mean, life's to short for playing games and spreading yourself thin for people who don't appreciate you, right?

If you are a health or socially focused organisation (or you know someone who is that might benefit from knowing about us) drop me an email directly and lets get to know more about your business and talk about how we might help.

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