Straightforward and uncomplicated.

Efficient and effective.

Our approach to each project we undertake has been designed to be as efficient and effective for you as possible. Our core foundations of empathy and innovation mean that we will include, encourage and guide you through our process and help define your business objectives. We'll make sure that your brand cuts through the noise of an otherwise crowded marketplace.

The problem:

Markets are moving faster; online, offline, all the time. You need to get to market quickly, and also be different enough from the host of fresh competition all vying for the same space.

Branding and design can be a notoriously slow process, and each week of waiting for your brand to be rolled out, brings with it a potential loss of revenue for your business.

The solution:

Luckily, we've created a solution. Our online workshops shorten the timespan between concept/idea and introduction to market – meaning you can start selling or providing your service sooner.

Working via video call enables key people from your business to join in wherever they are – cutting down on travel, logistics and having to endure multiple meetings.

Our 4-step process:

01. Connect

First we start with a simple conversation, via phone or video call. During this chat, we can both see whether we are a good fit for each other. From here we can decide which workshop is best suited for you and your brand.

02. Discover

Our online branding workshop. Designed to gain clarity on your business objectives, and what differentiates your brand from all the others. All of this invaluable information is then gathered together to create your summary document which includes our conclusions and also a list of recommendations to take forward.

03. Create

This is the bit where we get creative. We’ll develop an overall brand identity system for your brand, and apply it across your requirements. We'll make sure that your new branding works in every imaginable way and remains consistent across all marketing communications.

04. Support

After creating the guidelines for your brand’s identity, along with logos and images, we can help with your collateral and will even help facilitate working with printers, web developers, and other specialists needed to ensure the rollout of your brand maintains the highest of standards.

"The brand discovery workshop really helped us strengthen up our marketing thinking. In fact, we think it would be wise to revisit this annually and look at other markets and opportunities for lateral growth."

Rachel Davis

Product Marketing Manager

Steiss Medical Equipment

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