Our Story

We are an independent creative company that specialises in building brands for people and organisations via an agile, remote, online process. Each project we undertake is created by firstly gaining an understanding of our clients’ overall objectives. There is no one size fits all.

Deliberately different from the traditional agency model, we’re a small team by design. This means we’re more agile, more hands-on and more client focused. Honesty is important to us. The people you meet and chat with in our team are the same ones who do the work (and clean the studio and make the tea!).

Our why...

The Great Field founders, Jamie and Samm Bridle.
The Great Field founders, Jamie and Samm Bridle.

We believe that brand design should be about business objectives. It’s not something designers should do for their own ego's or based on subjectivity (you like blue, but I like green!). Our goal is to bring brand design back to being a powerful, problem solving business tool. To figure out the objectives. To help solve a problem. To fix the disconnect.

But there’s more to us than just that.

We’re also dedicated to making things as simple and lean as possible. No clever marketing blurb or endless meetings. Time is money, right? This responsibility starts at the design stage and carries right through to final brand production.

We’re also only focused on what were really good at. Gone are the days of feeling intimidated by the bigger agencies. I mean, is it even possible to be a specialist at 74 different disciplines?

With specialising comes clarity. No distractions.

We also get a great deal of satisfaction from doing something really well and making a difference. It makes all the effort and the obsessing over each and every detail worth every minute.

That’s us in a nutshell.


Founded Azure Studio, a freelance creative business based in the West Midlands.
Relocated to North Devon. Became better at surfing.
Transformed our studio into using 100% sustainable energy.
Shifted our focus onto brand design.
Re-branded and became Bridle Creative. A wrong move. Fail forward, right?
Adopted brand strategy into our list of services.
Created and performed our first online brand workshop.
Facilitated our workshop on ourselves. Became The Great Field.
Formulated our 4-step strategy and design process.
Administered our first non-profit pro-bono project for MANI, Nigeria’s biggest mental health charity.
Became an official 1% for the Planet business member.
So thatʼs us.
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