Our Story

We are The Great Field, a strategy led and ideas driven creative design studio, specialising in branding for organisations making a positive social impact.

We craft and deliver innovative and inspired work, focusing on our client's business goals and their ideal customers. We provide solutions that are creative, but also reach commercial objectives and ambitions.

Deliberately different from the traditional agency model, we’re a small team by design. This means we’re more agile, more hands-on and more client focused. We believe that good brand design should be all about objectives, not egos or subjectivity.

We’re committed to make things as simple and lean for you as possible. No clever marketing blurb or pointless meetings. That's us in a nutshell. Over to you.

"Branding is simply a discipline, which helps our clients better align with their target audience. We don’t design for ourselves, or even our clients. We design for our client's IDEAL customers".

Jamie Bridle - Founder
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