Westwell Hall

Fine Accomodation

The problem:

Westwell Hall is a Victorian style grade II Listed building. In 2017, Biddi and Bonnie Button began to develop the property into a high-end licensed guest-house. With two decades of experience in stage and theatre, their skills and tastes have given the new Westwell Hall a truly individual look and feel. Their creativity and energy make up a big part of the overall experience. How do we translate their personalities into the brand?

The solution:

We revealed shared traits across core clientele, and influenced the minimalistic touches across the brand aesthetic. The 'Two Buttons' icon was born out of the huge influence Biddi and Bonnie have had throughout Westwell Hall, and reflects their stylish and unique offering. The look and feel of the brand compliments, rather than dominates the overall customer experience.

Westwell Hall
"It's such a relief to see something that we can see working so well for us. Thank you for your time and all of your efforts. I'm so happy we found you..."
Biddi Button - Proprietor

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