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The design process doesn't have to be difficult and confusing.

Let us prove it.


It’s relatively easy to get someone to create a visually-appealing piece of work. The internet is full of designers who are more than happy to show you their 'unique' creative flair. But the trick isn't in producing something that looks good. The real magic is being able to create a practical solution that is also commercially relevant. That takes strategic thinking as well as creative expertise.
So how do we do this?
Firstly, we'll diagnose the problem before we start to prescribe any solutions. Our strategy process enables us to do this. We also like to keep things as simple as possible for our clients. In our studio, you won't find a pinball machine, a chill-out area or a bike on the wall. You could say that we're just a bunch of uncomplicated folk who want to see our clients succeed in their chosen market.


This... The Great Field north devon

Instead of this...
This... The Great Field north devon
The problem:

Markets move faster now than they did a decade ago. Online, offline, all the time.
When you do eventually manage to get out there with your product or service, there’s already a whole host of fresh competition all vying for the same space.

This coupled with the meaningless creative meetings. People in a room, three or four times, sometimes more. Wasted logistics, precious time and valuable resources. You can easily start to feel as if your project has no sense of urgency when in reality, time is everything to you.

So how do you speed things up and get out there quicker and yet still be on target?

Our solution:

We’ve shortened the span between conception and introduction. In other words, we get your brand out there quicker, meaning that you can go to market and start selling.

The design process shouldn’t be over complicated. When it is, projects become infuriating and costly. Ask yourself, for each week of waiting for your brand to be rolled out, what is the potential loss of revenue for your business?

Our process is lean, efficient and effective. It’s also straightforward. We promise not to bombard you with marketing spiel or create multiple meetings in order to make ourselves feel more important.


It’s good to talk...

Every project starts with a chat. Feel free to give us a call on 01271 814207 or if you prefer, send us an email or use our online form.


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“On target and on brand. You made the whole process so simple yet hugely effective. Thank you very, very much”


Jordan West - Hayland and West Ltd

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