Brand Design

Branding is a business invesment. When done properly, the benefits are clear. Whatever you put in will pay out over the lifetime of your business, enabling you to attract a more loyal and authentic customer base.

Whether it’s designing for a brand new company or organisation or exploring and rejuvenating an existing business, we're committed to deliver proven results within an inclusive, agile and supportive framework.

Our 4-step process:

Connect at The Great Field

01. Connect

First we start with a simple conversation, via phone or video call. During this chat, we can both see whether we are a good fit for each other. From here we can decide which workshop is best suited for you and your brand objectives.

Discover at The Great Field

02. Discover

Our online branding workshops. From an hour to a half day, depending on your needs, you’ll gain clarity on your business objectives, and what differentiates your brand from all the others. We will then gather all of this invaluable information to create your summary document, which includes our conclusions and also a list of recommendations to take forward.

Create at The Great Field

03. Create

This is the bit where we get creative. We’ll develop an overall brand identity system for your brand, and apply it across your requirements. We'll make sure that your new branding works in every imaginable way and remains consistent across all marketing communications.

Support at The Great Field

04. Support

After creating the guidelines for your brand’s identity, along with logos and images, we can help with your collateral and will even help facilitate working with printers, web developers, and other specialists needed to ensure the rollout of your brand maintains the highest of standards. Through all stages, we'll be here to ensure your brand evolves and grows stronger with you.

Whether it’s working with an established brand, a logical progression of a current brand or a box-fresh branding need, we’ll work hard to ensure your visual identity is aligned to your commercial objectives, aspirations and most importantly, your ideal target audience.

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