Brand Workshops

Our online workshops help you clarify your purpose, find your voice and define your business goals.

Brand workshops
Clarify your purpose
Find your voice

What we cover

Brand Positioning
We start by defining your brand and its benefits as well as competitive advantages. The correct brand positioning can establish a strong emotional connection with your customers.

Messaging and Voice
Revealing your brand’s personality and functionality through language, imagery and actions.

Mission Statement
Your core values. This is where we create a clear, shared understanding of what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

Ideal Customer Profiles
We build profiles that represent your brand’s target market, and map out scenarios where these ideal customers interact with your brand.

Customer Awareness
Put simply, how the ideal customers we have identified will discover you. Pinpointing where these people spend their time, and turning this into your competitive advantage.

Goals, Revenue and Prioritisation
What determines success for your business? Besides making a profit, where do you want to take your brand? We look at all your possibilities for making money and draw up clear, achievable actions for success.

How it works

We offer two types of Brand Workshop:
Brand Focus at The Great Field

Brand Focus

This audit/consultation is designed to help you understand your brand, who it needs to attract, and what you need to do to start winning customers. This is an objective view of things to help discover and inspire new ideas.

Brand Discovery at The Great Field

Brand Discovery

What makes you different? Who needs to know? Why should they care? In this workshop we discover where your brand fits the market and identify your ideal customers, plus we identify how your ideal customers will find you. We’ll also delve into revenue streams and compile a comprehensive, actionable ‘to-do’ list giving your brand the clarity to move forward.

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“The Brand Discovery Workshop really helped us strengthen up our marketing thinking. In fact, we think it would be wise to revisit this annually and look at other markets and opportunities for lateral growth".

Alex Alvarez
Managing Director

“Thoroughly recommend the Brand Workshop. Our session was managed superbly, with the right questions asked to provoke the right thoughts. End result is a cohesive understanding of our target audiences; invaluable moving forward".

Lee-Ann Fox
Marketing & Communications Manager
Excedo Care Consumables
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