What we do

We craft and develop strategically aligned brand identities tailored to the needs of businesses focused in healthcare and wellness.

We work with healthcare providers, mental health services, medical research and technology companies, social care providers, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance, consumables, as well as first-aid and medical equipment providers, to name but a few.

Our mission is to help you establish your brand in a consistent and authentic way, by placing a strong emphasis on customer-centricity, aligning closely with your unique business objectives.

We intentionally maintain a compact team, enabling us to be nimble, deeply involved, and devoted to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Our commitment goes beyond simply improving the visual appeal of your business. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that your investment in any project we undertake yields a substantial return.

We can collaborate with you on a one-on-one basis as your dedicated service provider or work seamlessly with your existing in-house team.

Furthermore, if you already have an established brand, we can create tailored marketing solutions to help your business grow.

If you feel that you are missing goals, facing challenges or have a big idea, we would love to hear from you.

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Branding and rebranding - Our process:

Our approach to branding and rebranding projects starts with collaboration and exploration, encapsulated within our ‘Online Brand Discovery Workshops’.

Using Zoom as our online platform, we effectively reduce the duration between conceptualisation and the realisation of your market-ready brand. This method serves as the foundation for most of our projects.

With a decade of experience in remote work, we have perfected the art of collaborating online. This enables key individuals from your business to participate from any location, significantly reducing the need for travel, excessive meetings, and minimizing carbon footprints.

Read more about our 'Online Brand Discovery Workshops' and what they include HERE

Meet the team

Jamie Bridle Founder of The Great Field

Jamie Bridle

Jamie is a brand strategist, designer and founder of The Great Field. With a BA degree in Visual Communication, and with over thirty years of design experience, The Great Field is his vision of what a brand agency should be; approachable, empathetic, unpretentious and committed to our customer's business objectives.

Emma Weiss Brand Strategist at The Great Field

Emma Weise
Brand Strategist

Emma is a brand strategist and a business owner, running her own design consultancy. She's a lethal combination (in a good way) of both business experience and creative dexterity. Phenomenally good in a Brand Workshop, she’s able to turn the most complicated issues into what our customers refer to as ‘total clarity’.

Samm Bridle Studio Manager at The Great Field

Samm Bridle
Studio Manager

After earning a BSc Honours degree in Sociology and Social Psychology from University, Samm pursued a Master's Degree. Subsequently, Samm gained valuable experience working both within the NHS and the private sector, primarily focusing on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Sam Davey Web Developer at The Great Field

Sam Davey
Web Developer

Sam, an experienced website designer with over twelve years of expertise, possesses an exceptional understanding of what constitutes a remarkable website and its significance in shaping the overall brand experience. Just don’t get him into a conversation about Marvel films, no, don’t do that.

Abi Mills Copywriter at The Great Field

Abi Mills

Imagine if Chat GPT had a warm smile and a kind soul. Abi is a furiously focused wordsmith, with eight years experience crafting content for brands, creating authentic sounding copy and content, whatever the product or service.

Rohit Panchal Backend Web Developer at The Great Field

Rohit Panchal
Backend Web Developer

Rohit, a skilled developer and a dedicated problem solver. A true enthusiast of zeros and ones. With an impressive track record spanning two decades in web and app development, he brings invaluable expertise to our team.

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