Are you wasting your time?

Jamie Bridle / Founder
Are you wasting your time?

Where is your business? Where is it being seen?

Until recently, we belonged to a business directory that kept throwing lots of unqualified leads our way. By unqualified, I mean not our kind of clients. Ok, being honest, they were time wasters. Each and every one came with big ideas and no money. Or they were fishers, you know the ones who have been tasked by their manager to get ten quotes from different agencies. Most if not all when quizzed hadn't even looked at the projects on our website. So, after many frustrating moments, we binned off this directory and even though the incoming enquiries have reduced, we're not wasting half as much time as we were.

At first though, it felt weird. That feeling of being busy had gone, until we realised that all we were really doing was wasting our time. So now, our leads are more focused and the conversations a lot more relevant. Thinking more about which directories you belong to and which social platforms you're using means the people who really need your help will be more likely to find you.

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