I like blue, but you like green!

Jamie Bridle / Founder
I like blue, but you like green!

Imagine you made a thing, and that thing is blue.
You show it to your manager or your partner or your team.
"Look at my blue thing," you announce with much gusto.

They reply; "It’s good, but can you make it green?"
They like green you see. Okay. They've asked you to create this thing for them, so it’s your job to make it green, right?


It has to do with who you’re creating the thing for. Most of the time it's not the person stood in front of you. Your thing is for a target audience, and the person paying for the thing is usually not a member of the that audience.

Same goes when hiring an agency or designer. You see, our job is to find out your objectives, then create and communicate your brand consistently. If we're good at our job then we should make the thing blue for a good reason, not a subjective one.

Great design isn’t about personal preference, what looks nice, or what people who aren’t in the target audience would like to see. That's what art is for, right?

Design should be about creating something that works to achieve a specific objective, and works well.

If it works better blue, don’t make it green.

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