Rebrand or refresh?

Jamie Bridle / Founder
Rebrand or refresh?

In the realm of healthcare and wellness branding, the question often arises: Should I embark on a medical rebrand or opt for a brand refresh? Let's delve into this topic and shed light on what might seem like a mystifying art best left to marketing agencies.

Rebranding in the healthcare sector is a substantial decision that should be driven by clear commercial objectives. Relying solely on subjectivity is not a sound rationale for a medical rebrand. Your healthcare brand identity, along with its associated visual elements, forms the cornerstone of building brand recognition. When you undertake a medical rebrand, you're essentially overhauling the entire visual identity of your healthcare enterprise. Skillfully managing this transition and ensuring your audience embraces it is essential. However, rebranding prematurely or too frequently poses the risk of alienating potential healthcare clients. A rebrand should be viewed as a fresh start for your healthcare business. If such a transformation isn't warranted, consider the alternative of refreshing your healthcare branding.

A healthcare brand refresh is often a pragmatic choice for healthcare business owners. Familiarity can breed weariness when constantly exposed to your own medical branding. However, this sense of fatigue doesn't necessarily imply the need for a more exhilarating change. Paradoxically, just as you might grow weary of your healthcare branding, others may begin to take notice. Maintaining the foundation of your existing healthcare branding while infusing it with a breath of fresh air is typically a more cost-effective, lower-risk, and less stressful approach. Simple strategies for injecting vitality into your healthcare branding include investing in superior medical photography, enlisting others to create healthcare blog content, incorporating illustration, expanding your healthcare color palette, and, if you haven't already, crafting a comprehensive medical brand book.

Through conducting a creative brand audit tailored to the healthcare sector, you can critically assess what's currently in place and identify areas requiring attention. The development of a healthcare brand book offers a renewed perspective on your healthcare brand output, serving as a valuable creative tool moving forward.

In conclusion, within the healthcare and wellness branding arena, the choice between medical rebranding and brand refreshing is significant. Make this decision based on clear business objectives rather than mere subjectivity. A well-considered choice can enhance your healthcare brand's resonance and effectiveness in the dynamic healthcare market.

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