Rebrand or refresh?

December 3, 2018
Jamie Bridle / Founder
Rebrand or refresh?

As a design question, we hear this one a lot from our customers. Should I rebrand or should I refresh? We thought it would be worthwhile penning a few of our thoughts on the subject to dispel any ideas of it being a 'dark art' that only people in marketing agencies should be worried about.

Rebrand: Rebranding is a big decision and should be done for commercial reasons only. Subjectivity is not a good excuse for a rebrand. Your brand identity and its related visual elements are the biggest components of building brand recognition. When you rebrand, you're changing the entire visual identity of your business. To make the transition smooth and get your audience onboard is a skill, but rebrand too soon or too often, you run the risk of disconnecting potential clients. Rebranding is a fresh start for your business. If that's not required, then there's always the option to refresh your branding.

Refresh: As a business owner, you're so used to looking at your own branding that it's easy to grow tired of it. Sometimes that can falsely translate to needing something more exciting, but, that's not always what's needed. Often, as soon as you're getting tired of it, people are starting to notice it. Keeping the foundation of your existing branding and breathing some fresh air into it will usually be less costly, less risky, and less stressful. Simple ways of adding freshness could be by investing in better photography. Have someone else create blog posts for you. Use illustration. Expand your colour palette. And if you haven't got a brand book, then get one created. We find that by doing a creative brand audit for our clients, it allows us to be critical about whats in place and whats needed. Creating a brand book will give you a fresh insight into your brand output, which can then be used as a creative tool moving forwards.

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