Some brands just can’t help but love everybody.

Jamie Bridle / Founder
Some brands just can’t help but love everybody.

Some brands just can’t help but love everybody. They believe that the easiest way to make money, and the simplest route to market is to be everyone's friend. If a product or service is good enough for the entire population; then why not appeal to the masses?

Here's why not...

Customers are information rich and time poor. Knowledge is immediately and constantly available. Brands wanting everyone to buy from them become lost in the online noise and chaos. Customers don't have time to wade through an endless number of options of companies offering practically the same thing.

To make an impact, a brand needs to focus on its ideal customers.

When a brand understands who they're speaking to, things become clearer and customers are easier to target. Spending a little time figuring out what the lifestyle of their ideal customer may be like, what their values and attitudes are, opens up a plethora of possibilities.

How can a brand do this?

By creating a profile of an ideal customer. Work on these 4 areas:

Demographics, Story, Needs, Solutions

Demographics: The basic building blocks of your customer; age, income, family, job.

Story: What's their background? Personality, lifestyle, values, daily challenges.

Needs: What do they need from you?

Solutions: What can you offer that can meet their needs?

Identify this customer and your brand will be well on its way to offering that unique thing that the people you want to target are actually looking for. And thats the magic sauce right there!

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