Stupid questions.

Jamie Bridle / Founder
Stupid questions.

We sometimes ask our clients what sound like really stupid questions.

Here's a good example: Q. "What do you do?"

I mean, how obvious should that be to answer?

You'd be surprised.

As clear as the question may sound, it's a way of stopping, just for a minute, in order to think in the simplest of terms.

Like all the best ideas, simplicity is key. If you can communicate what it is you do in simple terms, then you should find it easy to tell other people.

Basically, take a step back and look at the language you're using to describe your business. Both when you speak and when you write. Customers need to quickly understand what it is you're offering them. If your messaging isn't succinct, they may be confused as to what it is you do and go elsewhere.

The fact is, nobody’s waiting around to see any marketing from you. So when you do communicate your product or service in a visual and exciting way, make sure the basics are covered. So, let me ask one more time.... "what is it that you do again?"

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