The power of words.

Jamie Bridle / Founder
The power of words.

The power of words. Historical events, life affirming parables, human emotion, trivialities. A good story can take weeks to tell or be told in a minute.

Writing good copy and creating narratives is an art in itself. To help with this and make it easier, have you considered getting a brand messaging document created for your business?

So what alchemy is a brand messaging document exactly, I hear you say?

In simple terms, its a document of words that will help steer the content you create, as it will be based on your business's tone of voice.

Ok, lets start at the beginning: Brand discovery. In our online brand discovery workshop, one of the stages of the process is where we look at a business from an holistic point of view. We dig deep into the culture of a business; ethics, history, how it sounds, how it wants to sound, what it stands against and why it exists outside of simply making money.

When we have all this information down, we can stand back and see with clarity how these values inform the kind of content the business can create and how it can apply it's own authentic tone of voice.

For instance, for one client, a healthcare provider of equipment to very young children, we distilled their core values into this list of words:

Caring | Trustworthy | Innovative | Passionate | Collaborative

However, when we facilitated a workshop for an online network for social care providers and suppliers, the words that were conjured up were slightly different:

Friendly | Personal | Engaging | Authentic | Insightful

You’d think that as both business are in the healthcare sector, their values and tone of voice would be pretty much the same, but in fact, it’s the nuances of each business that are important factors in differentiating one from the other.

So whereas one could apply an innovative and supporting tone of voice in (let’s say) a social media post, the other could be more strategically aligned to come across as friendly and insightful.

This creates a bedrock of clarity and consistency with content moving forward, instead of guessing the tone of voice you are trying to portray at any given time.

Words: Have the power to heal and the power to hurt, so its important that you chose the right ones in which to communicate your business or organisation.

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