Uncool by association.

Amy Parker / Creative
Uncool by association.

I had a good customer service experience. Yay! 😀

I organised a return to be picked up from my home – it didn't get picked up. Three times I organised the return and three times it didn't get picked up. I did say this was a good customer service experience didn't I?!

The company I ordered from said sorry when I complained. It wasn't their fault but they said it. On behalf of their third party delivery company. That meant a lot. The third party had broken their agreement with their client and in turn had let us all down. Three times.

Even though delivery issues were the responsibility of the third party, the company I originally ordered from sorted things out for me. They refunded the item and let me keep it.


It's more important than ever to get your ducks in a row, regarding the third parties you work with. If you use a delivery service for example, can you make up for their shortcomings with your customer service?

Some customers might've headed onto social media and let rip. Imagine what that can do to a brand's reputation (and I'm not talking about the delivery company here).

When working with third parties, we need to make sure they're as good as we are. That we can trust them. Are they idiots? Why should we make up for their failings with our customers. Because when customers complain, sometimes they do it publicly.

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