Nigeria's largest provider of counselling support services.

Since its inception in 2015, MANI continues to fight the stigma associated with mental health, and has grown to become Nigeria’s largest mental health organisation. They needed a strategy and a brand identity that empowered their community of young people to carry the brand forward with clarity.

The brand strategy workshop highlighted the need for us to focus on positive outcomes and not the dark places mental health issues can arise from. We recommended the ultimate aim of the brand should be to build a strong reputation as an educator and a body of support. Alongside this, the brand also needed to be taken seriously to raise opportunities for fundraising.

Using green as a signifier for both Nigeria and mental health, we designed a brand that appears positive and looks serious enough to have made Harry and Meghan sit up and take notice.




Brand design for non-profit mental health organisation
brand design for mental healthcare organisation

"Jamie and his team did an absolutely amazing job of helping us build a brand image that takes in our stories, and yet allows enough imagination for our growth in the future. I fully commend them for putting their hearts and minds into creating this project for us".

Dr Victor Ugo
Brand style guide for mental charity
Brand and exhibition work for mental health charity
Brand collateral for mental health charity
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