The Old Electric

The Old Electric


Blackpool's community arts space.

Brand design for The Old Electric, a socially active, community-focused arts group, theatre and space for creativity. It's a home for discovery, inspiration and optimism. The group are dedicated to removing barriers to participation and to develop conditions in which creativity can thrive beyond limits of circumstance, class and context. They seek to influence people in positions of power, policy and practice in their town of Blackpool - Lancashire, and beyond. It is their intent to find new ways of understanding impact and value, to inspire change within communities and to play an essential role in public life.




"We surpassed our initial audience numbers and hit our target sales. Aside from hard statistics, The Great Field created an entire experience full of interactive programs that both conveyed information to the public. What has stuck in our minds was their inherent quality".

Melanie Whitehead - Artistic Director
The Old Electric
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