3 reasons why smaller design studios are the prescription for thriving healthcare businesses.

Jamie Bridle / Founder
3 reasons why smaller design studios are the prescription for thriving healthcare businesses.

3 Reasons Why Smaller Design Studios are the Prescription for Thriving Healthcare and Wellness Businesses.

In the vibrant world of healthcare and wellness businesses, the quest for exceptional design and creative services often leads to a perplexing dilemma: Should you entrust your brand to a smaller design studio or a colossal, multi-disciplined agency?

The answer, as it turns out, lies in a triad of compelling reasons that have established smaller design studios as a really strong choice for health, social care and wellness businesses. Here, we will delve into these three factors:

1. Personalisation:

In the realm of health and wellness, the 'one size fits all' approach simply doesn't cut it. That's where smaller design studios step in with their commitment to personalised attention and client collaboration. These studios (like us, at The Great Field) understand the unique requirements of healthcare and wellness businesses. With a compact team of specialists that they can choose from for any given project, they offer a depth of personalised care and attentiveness that large agencies can't match. Smaller design studios tend to foster an environment where clients and designers work hand in hand, ensuring a deep understanding of the client's vision, that result in design solutions that perfectly align with the client's business objectives.

2. Agility:

In the fast-paced world of healthcare and wellness, agility and adaptability are the need of the hour. Smaller design studios have made agility their mantra. Unlike larger agencies, they can pivot quickly and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of their customers. This agility leads to rapid decision-making, enabling them to move forward with innovative and cutting-edge design solutions. Where timely response and creative evolution are crucial, businesses can benefit immensely from this nimbleness.

3. Efficiency:

Healthcare and wellness businesses, while noble in their goals, also need to be commercially aware and therefore, require cost-effective design solutions. Smaller design studios, due to their streamlined structure and lower employee overheads, can offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. Their efficient workflow, thanks to lean teams and minimal bureaucracy, mean projects are completed swiftly. This efficiency is a significant advantage in the healthcare industry, where time-sensitive projects and the ability to respond promptly to market changes are essential.


Larger agencies may have their merits, but smaller design studios are the prescription for thriving healthcare and wellness businesses. With their personalised approach, nimble adaptability, and cost-effective efficiency, they provide a unique blend of wellness in design.

In addition, their absence of up-selling, thanks to a focus on the client's actual needs, is a rarity that enhances their appeal in the healthcare and wellness sector.

When seeking a design partner for your healthcare or wellness business, consider the merits of a smaller design studio.

You'll discover that their personalised touch and creative agility align seamlessly with the unique requirements of your healthcare and wellness enterprise.

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