The power of words.

Jamie Bridle / Founder
The power of words.

The Influence of Words in Health and Wellness Branding

Words hold immense power. They can narrate historical events, convey life-affirming parables, evoke human emotion, or express trivialities. Crafting compelling narratives and effective copywriting is an art in itself, particularly in the realm of health and wellness brands.

To simplify this process and infuse your content with purpose, a well-structured brand messaging document is invaluable.

A brand messaging document serves as a guiding light, shaping the tone and style of the content you create, aligning it with your health and wellness brand's unique voice. But let's begin at the foundation: the process of brand discovery. In our online brand discovery workshop, we embark on a holistic exploration of your health and wellness business. We delve deep into its culture, ethics, history, voice, desired voice, core principles, what it opposes, and its raison d'être beyond mere profit-making.

Once we've meticulously gathered this wealth of information, we gain a crystal-clear perspective on how these values inform the type of content your health and wellness brand can generate. For instance, consider a healthcare provider specializing in equipment for very young children. From our discovery process, we distilled their core values into a set of words that guide their content creation: Caring, Trustworthy, Innovative, Passionate, Collaborative, Committed, and Supporting.

However, when we facilitated a similar workshop for an online network of care providers, the words that surfaced were slightly different: Empathetic, Friendly, Personal, Engaging, Authentic, and Insightful. Despite both businesses operating in the healthcare sector, it's the nuances that distinguish one from the other.

Consequently, while one health and wellness brand might employ an innovative and supportive tone in a social media post, the other aligns strategically to convey a friendly and insightful demeanor. Starting from a strategic vantage point may appear to dampen creativity, but it establishes a bedrock of clarity and consistency in your health and wellness content. Instead of guessing the appropriate tone for a given moment, your brand's voice remains unwavering and purposeful.

In the health and wellness industry, words possess the power to heal or hurt, making it paramount to choose them judiciously when marketing your business.

A well-crafted brand messaging document becomes your compass, guiding your health and wellness brand towards impactful, resonant, and authentic communication.

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