Blow your own trumpet.

Jamie Bridle / Founder
Blow your own trumpet.

The most successful brands keep their messaging simple and direct. They tell their customers about what their product can do and how amazing their service is. What they don't do is confuse customers by going into micro-detail about manufacturing, copyright law, how many prototypes they produced and how many legal battles were won/lost in the process. Back stage antics aren't part of any successful consumer facing brand.

As designers, if we talked about which operating systems and software we use, how many typefaces are on our Macs and showed you our qualifications, it would mean very little. It wouldn't really give you the right impression of who we are. Its stuff the customer just doesn't need to know, and probably isn't interested in.

Talk about how you can help. Don't alienate people with jargon they don't understand. They'll switch off and go elsewhere. Talk about your level of service and how committed you are to your customers. Make them feel heard if they get in touch with you. Stick to the words you say. When you say you'll ship on X date, make sure you do. Talk the talk and make sure you can walk the walk too.

Don't talk about the details. Do talk about what it is you do in simple language and don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet a little. Just a little though; no one likes a show-off.

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