Do something. Share it.

September 9, 2021
Jamie Bridle / Founder
Do something. Share it.

Do something. Share it.

As a perfectionist, this is really hard for me to do – to embrace the cliche of progress being better than perfection, but it really is true (like many a cliche). If things aren't 100%, I can find it hard to share and show them. It's exhausting at times and it means I share less than I probably should.

However, when I have shared snippets of thoughts before they're totally formed, or designs before they're totally polished, they have opened up conversations I otherwise might not have had and I've felt positive for doing so.

So there's my 2 pence, semi-formed brain dump of progress for today. Do I feel better for sharing it? Maybe a bit vulnerable, but I'm practicing what I preach to my clients – a willingness to progress, so yeah! I'll take it as a win! :)

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