Embrace your differences.

Jamie Bridle / Founder
Embrace your differences.

What if every person you passed on the street wore the same clothes, spoke using the same tone of voice, had the same hairstyle, the same name – even the same face?! Hell, Groove Armada even wrote a song about it. Imagine being introduced to a stranger and discovering they not only look like you but also talk, act and dress like you.

Are we in agreement that this would be confusing, boring and also rather sinister?! Our differences make us who we are, and help others determine whether they can relate to us or not. We all have traits that make us stand out. Different is a good thing.

Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves in a place where the characteristics that make their brand unique, haven't even been identified. For other businesses, sometimes things have gone so far down the line and multiple logos have been created, looking completely different from one another (yikes)!

So we say, embrace your differences, they're unique.
And its your uniqueness that differentiates you from your competition.

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