Let 'other' happen...

August 1, 2019
Jamie Bridle / Founder
Let 'other' happen...

We all have ideas. Some good. Some bad. A lot of the time we presume that we know what's best in any given situation and act on our presumptions. I mean why wouldn't we? When we presume something, all we are doing is using our prior experience to figure out the likelihood of something happening, or at the very least, allowing it to draw to a conclusion that we understand.

For the humble designer, it's easy for us to simply say yes to a client when approached to do a specific task or to produce a piece of work. We presume that our clients know exactly what they want. They are the masters of their own making after all. They have forgotten more about their own business than we will ever know.

However, there is something that we do which change's the way that we engage with our clients, and it's ridiculously simple. We simply ask 'why?'. As professionals, we take our obligation to start at the beginning and to ask questions before we prescribe solutions to a challenge that we don't fully understand very seriously. And the most amazing thing is how that works. We're not saying that the client is wrong. Or that we are right. But how do we really know that an idea is complete? Or at the very least, accurate to achieve a specific goal.

So let's not simply presume that we are all right from the start. Let's talk and let's explore together and more importantly, let's be receptive to the idea of letting 'other' happen.

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