Let 'other' happen...

Jamie Bridle / Founder
Let 'other' happen...

In the realm of healthcare and wellness branding, ideas abound – some promising, others less so. Often, we tend to assume that we possess a clear understanding of what's optimal in any given situation, and we act upon these assumptions. It's a natural inclination. When we make assumptions, we draw upon our past experiences to gauge the likelihood of certain outcomes, or at the very least, we allow assumptions to guide us to a familiar conclusion.

For healthcare and medical branding professionals, it can be tempting to readily agree to a client's request when tasked with a specific project or the creation of a healthcare branding piece. We may presume that our clients possess an exact vision of their needs. After all, they are the authorities within their healthcare domains, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge about their healthcare businesses that far surpasses our own.

However, a transformative shift occurs when we adopt a singular yet remarkably effective approach in our interactions with clients: we ask 'why?'. As professionals dedicated to healthcare and wellness branding, we hold a profound commitment to commencing at the very foundation and inquiring before we prescribe solutions to healthcare challenges that we might not fully comprehend. The power of this simple query is truly remarkable.

To clarify, it's not a matter of asserting that the client is wrong and we are right. It's about acknowledging that even the most promising idea can benefit from further examination. How can we be certain that an idea is truly comprehensive? Or, at the very least, precisely tailored to achieve a specific healthcare or wellness goal? Instead of assuming that our initial perspectives are infallible, let us engage in dialogue and exploration together. More crucially, let us remain open to the concept of embracing the 'other,' allowing diverse viewpoints to shape and enrich our healthcare and wellness branding endeavors.

This collaborative approach ensures that our healthcare branding solutions are not only informed but also attuned to the dynamic and ever-evolving healthcare landscape. By asking 'why?' and fostering a culture of receptivity, we empower ourselves to navigate the complexities of healthcare branding with insight and adaptability.

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