We build people.

Jamie Bridle / Founder
We build people.

Yep, you read that right. We build people. With words! Weird, right?

Ok, so what we actually do is we work out who needs your brand and how your brand can best help them.

As part of our Brand Discovery Workshop, we look at your ideal clients and delve into their problems. Then we look at how you provide solutions to them.

Then we set about making personas of these people.

Where they work.
Family and background.
Brands they like.
What motivates them.
Where they buy their food shopping (this one is always a great insight, oddly enough).

We give them names.
We give them faces.

Creating your ideal customer personas helps you (and us) understand your customers on a deeper level and to ensure everyone in your company or organisation knows how to support, reach, increase loyalty and provide the best service you can to these lovely folks.

So yeah. We build people! :)

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