Are you confused about your marketing message?

Jamie Bridle / Founder
Are you confused about your marketing message?

As the landscape of branding, design, marketing and advertising continues to change, there are some tried and true principles that remain solid.

In business though, it's easy to forget the most obvious questions, and when you do, overtime things can get de-railed.

For instance, a lot of businesses still get confused about their marketing message.

Some think it’s their slogan.

Others think it’s based on what they are selling.

Many think it’s their mission statement.

In reality, its none of the above.

A companies marketing message is mostly a compelling story to help customers understand what it is they sell or offer. It's how an organisation talks about itself and explains the value it provides.

Messaging is related to positioning, as it translates positioning  into a set of statements and words. When we brand a company here at The Great Field, we use these statements to help develop materials for marketing communications. Otherwise, your marketing becomes pure guesswork, right?

The primary purpose of messaging is to help make sure that everything you communicate, ultimately links back to all the major points you want your audience to know about you.

Each part of your messaging should be consistent and help support your positioning for a strong alignment.

So is brand messaging a necessity for every decent brand?

We say yes, but don't get weird about it. Try and find your tone of voice, one that seems to resonate with your customers. If you undergo a branding exercise, then this should already be a part of that process (and if it isn't, we need to talk).

And once we have that in place, then we can get creative! :)

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