Confused branding.

August 13, 2021
Jamie Bridle / Founder
Confused branding.

Question time: Is your company logo different on your signage then it is on your stationery? Does your website look very different than your other forms of marketing? Does your competition look fresh and contemporary making your brand look out of date? Confused? So are your potential customers.

A strong consistent brand helps you cut through the noise of a crowded marketplace, in order to convey your offering, giving potential customers a reason to choose you. It also gives your current customers reassurance that they have chosen the best.

Some of the biggest mistakes we see that small to medium businesses make are:

• Using multiple / different logos
• Using different company strap-lines
• Using different colours / images
• Using language that doesn't reflect the tone of the company

Obviously, if you feel your brand isn't suited for the current atmosphere, needs to be updated or simply isn't as effective as it could be, then lucky for you we can help. But the kicker is, whatever you decide to do, make it consistent and have your objectives at the helm in order to drive your brand forward with clarity.

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