Jamie Bridle / Founder

We don't make things look pretty.

With our design education, we learnt how important it is to be able to justify every mark on the page. Don't put things there to look pretty, but be able to explain their use and purpose. This was really tough to learn, but it stood us in great stead for how we work at The Great Field today.

You see, all of the people we work with have objectives. They want to raise awareness of a cause, or need to make more profit in order to invest in other areas. 

They have the desire for growth and they need our expertise in crafting a brand that talks directly to their ideal customers in a concise, aspirational and consistent manner.

So the idea of making things look good, or worse, us designing for our own selfish needs, is totally superfluous to our core ethics.

We want our design work to have a purpose.

To make decisions and choices that achieve.

To stand up and be counted.

To see a return on investment for our clients.

Anything else wouldn't be fair to the people who are paying us to do our job.

The bottom line is, the thing that the client walks out of the door with, the thing that they are paying us for, is the work. And so it's our responsibility to make sure it's the best that it can be.

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