Time – Your most valuable resource.

Amy Parker / Creative
Time – Your most valuable resource.

I've never been a great fan of business meetings. I don't mean meeting potential clients and talking to people; I love that. I mean the kind of meetings that seem to be created for no other reason than to set up another meeting. On and on they go, meeting after meeting, until at some point, we get to the bit where stuff is actually agreed on, and we can get to work.

Not only can this be frustrating, it's also costly. Ask yourself; for each week of waiting for your brand or marketing collateral to be rolled out, what is the potential loss of revenue for your business?

Markets move faster now than they did a decade ago. Online, offline, all the time. When you eventually manage to get out there with your product or service, there's already a whole host of fresh competition all vying for the same space. As a business person, you can easily start to feel as if your brand has no sense of urgency to the big, wide world; when in reality, time is everything to you.

It's this frustration in regards to our chosen profession that led us to create our online workshops. By doing this we've managed to shorten the timespan between conception and introduction. In simple terms, our clients get to market faster and start selling sooner. Efficiency is vital, as once time is gone, you can’t very well ask for it back.

As time is our most valuable resource – let's use it wisely.

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